Mullen’s I-GO Commercial Urban Delivery EV Arrives in Europe, Set to Be Delivered to Newgate Motor Group in January

Mullen Automotive‘s I-GO Commercial Urban Delivery EV has arrived in Europe, with the first vehicles being delivered to Newgate Motor Group in Ireland in early January 2023. The arrival of the electric vehicle was delayed due to COVID-related shutdowns in China, but it is now expected to be delivered to Newgate in the coming weeks.

The I-GO is an urban commercial delivery vehicle designed to meet the growing demand for quick deliveries in dense cities throughout Europe. It is EU standard homologated, certified, and ready for sale in initial markets including the U.K., Germany, Spain, France, and Ireland. The first vehicles will be going to Newgate Motor Group, a dealership group based in Navan, Ireland.

Newgate Motor Group has been appointed as the marketing, sales, distribution, and servicing agent for the Mullen I-GO in Ireland and the U.K. The dealership group has over 40 years of experience in the motor industry and represents several major brands, including Renault/Dacia, Kia, and Mercedes-Benz. “Over the last month, we’ve received a significant uptick in interest and inquiries on the I-GO EV,” said Jim Ring, general manager for Newgate Motor Group. “We are definitely excited to receive the initial sample vehicles and look forward to showcasing them for our customers firsthand.”

Mullen Automotive is a Southern California-based company that is building electric vehicles that will be manufactured in its two U.S.-based assembly plants. In addition to the I-GO EV, the company’s EV development portfolio includes the Mullen FIVE EV Crossover and the Bollinger Motors B1 and B2 electric SUV trucks. The Mullen FIVE is slated for delivery in 2025 and features an award-winning design and patented PERSONA technology that utilizes facial recognition to personalize the driving experience.

The I-GO is expected to be a popular choice for commercial delivery companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint and meet sustainability goals. With a range of up to 120 miles on a single charge and a top speed of 75 mph, the I-GO is well-suited for urban environments and short to medium-distance deliveries. It also features a spacious cargo area, making it an efficient and practical choice for delivery companies.

Overall, the arrival of the Mullen I-GO in Europe is a significant milestone for the company and a promising development for the electric vehicle industry. It is expected to be well-received by commercial delivery companies looking for a reliable and environmentally-friendly vehicle for their operations.