Porsche Mass Producing Synthetic Gasoline to Fuel Billions of Cars

Porsche has begun mass producing synthetic gasoline and diesel at its fully eco-friendly refinery in Chile. The company’s CEO demonstrated the effectiveness of the synthetic gasoline by fueling a 911 Turbo directly from the refinery, with no decrease in power or increase in emissions.

In addition to Porsche, German chemical giant BASF also plans to mass-produce millions of tons of synthetic gasoline to fuel billions of conventional cars.

Porsche’s synthetic gasoline, called Highly Innovative Fuels (HIF), is 100% eco-friendly, meaning that it produces no harmful emissions or CO2 during the refining process. This makes it a more environmentally-friendly option compared to traditional gasoline, and even electric vehicles, which have a larger carbon footprint due to the production and potential disposal of the battery.

Porsche believes that synthetic gasoline is necessary in order to offer the same driving experience as its 911 Turbo S in all traffic conditions. The company predicts that HIF will have such a small environmental impact that the internal combustion engine could remain on the market for another 50 years.