Solid Power and BMW Group Expand Collaboration on All-Solid-State Battery Technology

Louisville, Colorado-based Solid Power, a developer of all-solid-state battery and sulfide-based electrolyte technology, announced on December 21, 2022, that it has deepened its partnership with the BMW Group through an expanded Joint Development Agreement. Under the agreement, Solid Power has granted the BMW Group a research and development license for its all-solid-state cell design and manufacturing know-how.

The expanded partnership will allow both companies to conduct complementary cell development and manufacturing activities at Solid Power and the BMW Group’s facilities, with the aim of advancing Solid Power’s technology. The BMW Group plans to duplicate Solid Power’s pilot production lines at its facility in Germany and produce prototype cells based on Solid Power’s proprietary technology. Before the installation of the BMW Group’s prototype line, personnel from the BMW Group will work closely with Solid Power to optimize cell manufacturing processes at Solid Power’s facilities.

“We are thrilled to further our partnership with BMW, a company that has consistently shown its dedication to Solid Power’s technology for the past seven years,” said Dr. Derek Johnson, Chief Operating Officer of Solid Power. “This expanded partnership and increased collaboration is a testament to the confidence in Solid Power’s technology development.”


Frank Weber, a Member of the Board of Management BMW AG, Development, added, “BMW remains committed to the advancement of all-solid-state batteries, a technology we see as having great potential for the future. We look forward to working even more closely with Solid Power and producing solid-state cells based on their designs at our pilot facility. This agreement will help us accelerate the installation of our solid-state prototype line and our mutual goal of commercializing this promising cell technology.”

As part of the expanded Joint Development Agreement, the BMW Group has agreed to pay Solid Power $20 million through June 2024, pending the achievement of certain milestones. The agreement includes the sharing of the proprietary all-solid-state electrode and cell manufacturing know-how but does not include a license to intellectual property related to Solid Power’s electrolyte material, which remains a key part of the company’s business. Once the BMW Group installs its prototype production line, Solid Power plans to supply its electrolyte material to the BMW Group for prototype cell production.

“Expanding our partnership with BMW demonstrates that both companies believe Solid Power is making progress with its technology development,” said David Jansen, Interim CEO, President and Chair of Solid Power. “We have recently begun delivering 20 Ah cells to our partners, including BMW, for initial testing and have started production of our initial EV cells. We are looking forward to bringing our electrolyte manufacturing facility online and starting the formal automotive qualification process.”

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